ACO The ACO Seminar (2020–2021)

Fall 2021

Zoom link for ACO seminars: Please email Boris Bukh (bbukh at math) for a password.

A list of online combinatorics seminars (managed by Jacob Fox and Paul Seymour): Combinatorics Lectures Online

September 10, 3:30pm,
Boris Bukh, Carnegie Mellon University
Words and their subsequences

September 17, 3:30pm,
Alan Frieze, Carnegie Mellon University
Expected values in combinatorial optimization

September 24, 3:30pm,
Sai Sandeep Pallerla, Carnegie Mellon University
An Algorithmic Study of the Hypergraph Turan Problem

October 1, 3:30pm,
Ting-Wei Chao, Carnegie Mellon University
Point sets in $\mathbb{R}^d$ without convex $k$-holes

October 8, 3:30pm,
Tomasz Tkocz, Carnegie Mellon University
Khinchin inequalities with sharp constants

October 15, 3:30pm,
Kaave Hosseini, Carnegie Mellon University
Signrank vs Discrepancy

October 22, 3:30pm,
Matt Superdock, Carnegie Mellon University

October 29, 3:30pm,
Nóra Frankl, Carnegie Mellon University and London School of Economics

November 5, 3:30pm,
You?, Carnegie Mellon University

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